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Car Battery Diagnostic Tests and More in Ontario & Norwalk

Experiencing problems with your vehicle and think your battery might be the issue? Visit Battery Worx in Ontario or Norwalk, where we offer free car battery diagnostic tests. These diagnostic tests are available for automotive batteries, commercial truck batteries, marine, RV, and golf cart batteries, and more. We’ll assess your needs and determine if your battery is the cause of your issues. If you need a replacement, we’ll help you select the best battery for your situation.

We Test:

  • Automotive Batteries
  • Commercial Truck Batteries
  • Marine, RV, and Golf Cart Batteries
  • Jet Ski, Motorcycle, ATV, and Scooter Batteries
  • Deep-Cycle Batteries
  • Home Alarm & Wheelchair Batteries
  • Battery Chargers
  • Testers & Cables
  • Custom-Made Cables
  • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries
  • Rechargeable Batteries

Our Free Charging System Test

When it turns out that your battery itself isn’t the issue, but it still won’t charge, the problem may lie in the cables or other charging components. Take advantage of Battery Worx’s free charging system test, which we use to determine whether the charger, wires, or another component is at fault. Once we identify the issue, we’ll help you replace the problem part on the spot.

At Battery Worx, you’ll find both hard-to-get batteries and common batteries at the lowest prices around. Our batteries are sourced from both industry-leading name brand manufacturers such as Deka, Trojan, and Power Sonic, as well as more affordable and generic brand manufacturers. We also supply battery accessories such as wiring, tools, and more.

Don’t let worn-out batteries slow down your active life. We’ll test your batteries for free so that you can get back on the road, wherever you’re headed. Give us a call today. We’ll answer any of your battery-related questions, let you know what we have in stock, and provide you with pricing options.